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Hi I'ts MIchelle Byrd the owner and creator of all Fanny Jack soaps Skin Care & Massage. I have been in this profession for over 20 years. I started out as a manicurist and loved do the pedicure so much I felt I needed to make my own foot soaks and scrubs so ventiured into the land of soap making. Which I still do and love. During my time as a manicurist the nail business was making lots of changes. There was a infux of cheap nail salon opening up which was cutting to my business which cut into my profits.  So at that time I felt as thought I could not compete and cut my losses and went to work like normal people but I always knew I was going to work for myself because I was not satisfyied with my situation.  During that time and up until 4 years ago I was doing nail and always making soaps to this day. 

About 6 years ago I got into the medica field as a Medical Assisant and then decided I want to go into massage because I like do foot massage and wanted to find new techiques so I went to Malain and got my certification.  A few years of doing massage I went back to school to get my Esthetican License.  So today I offer all my trained skills as a skin care professional and as a handmade soap maker.  I love what I do and It only took me 40 to figure this out.


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